Doctor Jolie

"I know I'm young, but please don't forget the 'Doctor.'"


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Back Story

Born and raised on the Cephaloidian homeworld of Blipblublip, even from a young age Jolie showed a notable curiosity, moreso than the average member of her species, who were already notorious for such a thing. She graduated primary and secondary school early, at the head of her class, earning a spot at one of the planet’s most prestigious universities, where she received a doctorate in biology and robotics – and all before the age of 18!

However, she soon found that just reading about the universe in which her planet existed was simply not enough. She took a few survival courses (including weapons training), saved up a bit of scratch, and bid her friends and family farewell as she hopped a ride on a passing transport and headed for the stars! Her back story isn’t very long or exciting, but what do you expect? She’s a rookie!


Despite being regarded as something of a genius, Jolie is still quite young, and as such she frequently experiences all the problems and pitfalls that come with youth. She’s inexperienced in, quite frequently overly optimistic, she’s faced little loss in her life and so even minor setbacks tend to depress her greatly, and people tend to not take her seriously until she’s proven her value.

She sees herself as a scientist foremost, valuing knowledge and its acquisition above all else, which has led to her neglecting social obligations as well as her physical fitness. That said, she has 2-3 acquaintances aside from her parents that she considers ‘close,’ including an old teacher whose opinion she values above all other’s, but for the most part she can come across as something of a workaholic. In fact its because of her dedication to her work that she tends to have little interest in matters of sex and romance on her own – it’s just not something she thinks about, typically. This doesn’t extend to other people putting the notions in her head, of course; she’s young and impressionable!

Known Contacts

- Her mother and father, Yala and Venko. They’re on good terms, and her parents are supportive of her, despite their reservations about her ‘space adventures.’ They think it’s dangerous.

- One of her mentors, Roza, a teacher at the university from which Jolie graduated. She deeply respects the older Cephaloid, and a letter of recommendation from the woman is one of Jolie’s most valued possessions.

- A male Roni by the name of Konor. The two were school-yard friends, and even though their different lifestyles and social status made it difficult at times, the two remain long distance penpals. Thanks to this friendship, Jolie is able to avoid some of the classic racial blunders perpetrated by her species against the Roni.

- Renae, an ex-lover and Jolie’s roommate while she was at college. Notable for being one of the few Juntians attending an off-world school. There was little romance involved in the relationship, and the two parted ways on good terms after graduation.

Doctor Jolie

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