Falcon Basset

"Have you been to Eden Prime?"


Without remembering anything about his family or even his real name, Falcon grew up in the streets of Orome, the capital World of the Ptolemy system. Managing to eke out a living as a pickpocket for a gang, he was able to meet many children like him, orphans without any other means of survival, raised and even named by the gang. He ended up befriending two of them: Heron, a somewhat shy, hardworking boy, and Robin, a tomboyish girl with a penchant for starting fights.

As they grew up, the friends became inseparable, culminating with Falcon and Robin ending up in a relationship in their teens. Eventually, the three moved out of the gang, and into honest work, with Heron managing to settle down and form a family. Falcon and Robin, however, wanted to leave Orome, to live in a better place. Eventually, they saved enough to travel to Eden Prime. Robin went first, while Falcon remained in planet for a few weeks, settling some details. He never actually embarked for Eden Prime: A week after her departure, Falcon got a message. Robin had been killed in Eden prime, her murderer still unknown, and at large.

Eventually, Falcon recovered. But he couldn’t settle down. He couldn’t think of living a normal life. He needed to find answers. He sold everything he had, and bought an old starship. Nowadays, he’s working as a smuggler in order to keep contacts in the underground, and searching for any clue he can get, in order to finally find out who would do such a thing, and why.

Falcon is a serious, sarcastic, slightly melancholic young man, who can still show a little of his former hotblooded behaviour from time to time. The thing he values the most used to be friendship, but it’s now his vengeance. His most valued posession is a simple recording of three teenagers having fun in a fair. Simpler times. Better times. Right now, the person he values the most is himself, and his own ability to solve his trouble.

Known Friends:

-Heron Basset : Best friend of Falcon, and adopted brother once they made up a last name. Relaxed, gentle, slightly shy, he’s a surprisingly smart and work oriented person. Still lives in Orome, married and with children, working for one of the many companies in there. Even if he disapproves of Falcon’s choices, and pretended he’s moved on from Robin’s death, he still hopes he will find the killer, and helps Falcon as much as he can without getting in trouble or risking his new, comfortable life.

-Robin Pierce : Deceased. Fianceé of Falcon, died in Eden Prime. A hotblooded, thrill-seeking tomboy that got the group in trouble more than once. She was the one that suggested moving to a new planet in order to start a new life.

-Rosa Feymann : A one night fling turned friend. An agressive and impulsive smuggler who worked with him in a run, Falcon couldn’t help but see something of Robin in her, which ended with both of them very drunk, together in bed. Surprisingly, awkwardness was kept to a minimun, and they ended up becoming friends after the run, sometimes helping out the other in a pinch. She remains one of Falcon’s main contacts in the underworld.

Falcon Basset

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