Kati Viccero

"I know you're out there, Moti. I'm coming."


Kati’s family moved to the Solarian systems when she was a child, and she has only a few memories of her homeworld. Her family settled together in a sharecropping settlement and, of course, fell into the trap of corporate-imposed poverty. She lived her whole life growing up in that area, with the local town school full of other Roni children (and some poor humans), where she was given at least some form of basic education, enough to read and write and speak Basic fluently.

When she was in her late teens, her parents got very sick, and were no longer able to work; now they spend most of their time in the little shanty shack, completely delusional, only remembering the oldest of the 6 siblings – Kati not included. So all of the siblings pitched in to keep the family afloat, despite growing tensions among them. Her favorite sibling, and the one she was closest to, her twin brother Moti, worked alongside her and admired her greatly, as he always saw her as the secret leader of the family (a sentiment not everyone shared, especially younger brother Harlo). After a few years of hard labor, barely pulling their family’s weight, the unfathomable happened; while Kati was in the fields, doing some extra overtime on account of her younger sister being pretty ill, she returned to find that all of her siblings had disappeared. Only her parents were left, as sick and delusional as ever, and of course they were of no help. Kati waited for a few days. Then days turned to weeks. Then weeks turned to six grueling years of lonesome labor. Nobody knew where her family had disappeared to. Or, at least, they wouldn’t tell her if they did.

She decided she needed to find answers. And most importantly, she needed to find her family. And so, she got up and left.


Infamous (but relatively small-time) smuggler ring leader, Griggs Bellatoni, is upset with Kati when she refused to murder on the job. Humiliating him in front of his men (some of which were already starting to respect Kati more than they respected him) and also damaging his business, he’s never let the grudge go. He’s not actively looking for her (a waste of resources, really), but if the two were to ever meet again, bullets and knives would undoubtedly be exchanged.

Kati is stable and serious. The thing she values the most is her word. Her most prized possession is a photograph, a picture of all her siblings posing in front of her parents. Those were the good old days, weren’t they?

The person she values the most in the world is her twin brother, Moti.

Older sister (likes me) – Janine Vecciro
Older brother (dislikes me) – Ifril Vecciro
Older brother (likes me) – Jakir Vecciro
Younger brother (hates me) (oh) – Harlo Vecciro
Younger sister (Neutral) – Lagave Vecciro
Twin brother (hero worships me) – Moti Vecciro

Kati Viccero

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