The Alaerin were the first species of extraterrestrials which Humans came into contact with following their arrival in the sector. The meeting was plagued by poor translation, lack of coordination, and a misunderstanding of cultural importance. When ambassadors were invited to the Alaerin diplomatic vessel, it was discovered that the aliens were, in-fact, humanoid giants of considerable size. Contrary to their size, and advanced level of technology, the Alaerin Sovereignty was actually quite peaceful, and almost immediately insisted upon signing a treaty of non-aggression.

Their relationships with Humans and their governments have been amiable, and for a long time the colonists believed that Alaerin and Human were simply meant to be friends. This opinion changed drastically however, when it was revealed by admission at a political conference, that almost all Alaerin had some psionic potential, and that most were natural empaths. Failure to disclose this fact early on in their dealings with Humans ensured that they would thereafter be seen as having ‘said exactly what the other wanted to hear’, so to speak.

When the government which presided over the ‘Terran’ colonies collapsed, and split into two new entities, the Alaerin believed that the Core Worlds ‘new’ borders infringed upon their own. Minor skirmishes in space, and on the ground marked the first instance of interstellar conflict that Humanity had been involved in, but a swift diplomatic decision on the part of both parties put an end to the conflict before it had a chance to escalate.

Alaerin Society seems to be predominantly female, with almost none of their male population having been involved in the diplomatic process, or any other in which they would have been noticed. Those that have been seen have been treated with some reverence.

Alaerin and Human comparison


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