Alaerin Sovereignty

Alaerin History is generally agreed to have begun at the hunter-gatherer stage. before the tribal culture of those earliest years, archaeologists have discovered literally nothing. Combined with the lack of clear evolutionary paths and dissimilarity to any other species on their homeworld this seems to settle that Alaerin were engineered and seeded on Alarie by another, older species; perhaps that which is responsible for the plethora of humanoid races in the galaxy.

Due to the family-centric, clan-based architecture of Alaerin society, their earliest form of government was a sort of simple feudalism. The history of the Alaerin mirrors human history in many regards, if their development was markedly faster up to a point, and lacking in any large-scale intra-species conflict.

Alaerin were far quicker to observe the environmental impact of heavy industrialization; though in part their smaller population and less goods-oriented lifestyles led them to pursue such advances at a slower pace than humanity. Until the discovery of anti-gravity effects, Alaerin had no real means of flight due to their immense size and mass; rendering traditional aircraft all but impossible.

Alaerin have experienced occasional spats of organized violence, but for the most part have no real concept of total warfare as humans do. Acts of warfare are traditionally small scale and raid-like in nature. In short, Alaerin as a whole still have a “warrior” mentality where defense and offense are concerned, as the concept of the professional soldier is not something they have ever completely developed.

The earliest Alaerin expansions into space after discovery of warp drive was to a planet named simply “New Alarie,” and soon from there to hundreds of other worlds. Unlike concentrated human colony efforts; Alaerin colonists generally chartered passage on privately owned or state subsidized long-distance transport craft. These early ships could take years to reach their destinations, and were often crewed by close-knit family groups. Some of the earliest Alaerin exploratory vessels even relied mostly on autonomous systems while the crew were cryogenically frozen. This practice fell quickly out of favor as drive speeds improved.

Alaerin Sovereignty

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