Humans look exactly like you would expect. They’re me, and you (hopefully!).

Humans, alternatively known to various species across the sector as ‘Terrans’, or ‘Solarians’, hail originally from the Sol system, and the planet Earth. With a fast growing population, and a desire to expand their borders, the USD or United Sol Directorate prepared spent vast amounts of money and time researching new methods of interstellar travel. Eventually, they succeeded in finding two methods that would allow for faster-than-light travel. The first was the invention of the Jump-Gate, which allowed for travel to ‘local’ star systems in a short amount of time. The second involved using wormholes to cross vast distances.

Intending to sow their seed as far and wide as possible, a great number of Eden class Colony ships were constructed, and to aid them, flotillas of support craft including military, supply, and private vessels were created. Through the first wormhole were sent two colony ships. Their intended destination was a distant sector known as 2855 Cerberi, and the combined population of them, plus their support flotilla numbered in the tens of millions. Soon after departure, the Wormhole used by this fleet destabilized, and they haven’t been seen or heard from in over a hundred years.

The Humans of 2855 Cerberi have spent the last hundred years settling new worlds in the various systems in the sector. Flanked on either side by two well established alien empires, and infringing on the territories of less advanced species meant that there were some growing pains, but the colonists always found a way to thrive in their new environs. Humans are as diverse as they come, with a mixture of Old World heritage, and New World culture.


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