Juntians are a race hailing from the Independent System, and are signatory members of the Independent Worlds League. Of the members of the League, Juntians are considered the strongest militarily, though they lean on the support of the Cephaloids for their technological needs. The Juntian homeworld ‘Ungoliant’, is a place of mountains, plains, and shallow lakes. Large predators and even larger prey species ensured that the only form of truly intelligent life to thrive on the planet would be those that were strong, and adaptable. Juntians are typically seven to eight feet tall, and boast impressive athleticism. Despite this, they’re far from intimidating close up, as a Human might find them more comparable to a cat or a dog than a brutish alien warrior.

Juntian society used to be nomadic, but in the time since they have mastered their world and now, large permanent settlements have cropped up across Ungoliant. One of the more interesting facets of their culture and traditions to make it into the general knowledge of humans is that Juntians are by and large poly-amorous and bisexual. A more little known fact about this is that the average Juntian family unit has multiple stages…

The first stage is reminiscent of traditional Human families. Parents, and children. The second stage occurs when the children have reached maturity, which is when they leave their parents home, and seek to join a group of potential mates and sexual partners. These groups persist the longest of all the different family units in Juntian society, with members pairing off and leaving over a period of years in order to have, and raise their own children. It seems to be a form of extended courtship and experimentation. On some rare occasions, non-Juntians have been brought into these groups.

The technology of Juntians is similar to Humanity’s, but is at least a few decades behind them. Interplanetary travel is within their grasp, but as noted above, the Cephaloids ensure that the Juntians are only rarely faced with a technological gap between themselves, and the other races of the sector.

A Juntian, and her human friend.


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