Slani is the general term to refer to the fungal organisms which inhabit the planet Pyri in the Independent System. For decades, the most advanced species in the region, the Cephaloids studied Pyri, which as a small world closest to the ring of asteroids in the system, provided an interesting look at how life can develop on a world.

The Cephaloids found that all life on the planet existed at a sustainable, and remarkably minuscule scale. There wasn’t a creature on the entire planet which rose up over the knee of one of the highly intelligent squid scientists. If they were looking for intelligent lifeforms though, the Cephaloids were looking in the wrong place. Slimy fungal growths which formed colonies underneath the roots of trees and other plants was actually a protocivilization.

Studying the gigantic invaders of their world, the Slani came to adopt identifiable forms. Humanoid figures with indistinct features, and a mimicry of the Cephaloid language. The Slani, in their attempts to make contact with what they perceived as other intelligent beings, diverged from the traditional unity that such a collection of beings forming a single mass could provide. They sought individualism, and held high hopes of exploration beyond the skies of their lush but insignificant home.

Though possessing no ships of their own, and only having recently had their present state discovered, the Slani still manage to turn up in the furthest corners of the sector. The tiny, squishy explorers envy those lifeforms larger than themselves for being able to tame the stars.

Slani ‘technology’ is interesting to many scientists and technically minded people. In form and function, a given item seems to be an unabashed copy from something seen elsewhere. Anything from energy weapons, space suits, and communication equipment, all the way to home entertainment devices. What’s astonishing is that all these things are powered by the bio-electric currents of each Slani, making reproducing Slani items almost impossible.

A Slani


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