Solarian Corporated Systems

The Solarians view themselves as the ultimate extension of the Earth’s influence. The ruling body of the Solarian Corporated Systems has always been based on a hereditary plutocracy since its inception, and this strong leadership combined with a glut of old-world technology has made its citizens extremely proud of who they are.

Solarian values tend to put an emphasis on what is best for the future of mankind, and themselves. Most aren’t selfish by nature, but many learn to be in order to survive in the system to which they have been born. Soldiers from military families are often given preferential treatment and assignments… businessmen from wealthy families are exempt from certain laws and taxes… and so on. Those with debts to the corporations tend to fall even further into the ranks of lower-class society.

For a couple decades, the Solarians have been making use of Xeno Laborers. These aliens are brought into Solarian society and given a Xenospecies Visa, and are fed promises that their children will have a better life. In reality, each Xenospecies Visa incurs a nigh impossible to pay debt on their owner, ensuring a lifetime of lawful servitude. The Roni constitute the vast majority of Xeno Laborers, though there are a few other species in service to the Solarians.

Solarian technology is advanced. Much of the old technology is firmly in their grasp, but the unity of their otherwise flawed society has ensured that technological advancement has been steady. Solarian cities are often metropolises of gleaming steel, glass, and glowing neon lights.

Solarian Corporations

Wong-Oshiro Consortium
Kuznetsov Foundation

Solarian Corporated Systems

Endless Stars Svetters