Core Worlds

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The Core Worlds were formed thirty years ago by the ancestors of the original Colonists that arrived in the sector. The political ideologies of Core Worlders was to get away from the same system of the Earth and its constituents, which was rife with favoritism and corruption. The Solarian Corporated Systems are a prime example of what they wished to avoid becoming.

The Core Worlds are a run by a representative democracy, and protected by the Core Worlds Navy. This is about where the similarities end, as the various planets and colonies in this dominion have an inordinate amount of variation between them. People of the Core Worlds value liberty, and self determination. Many are hard workers, and all but a few are born with no privilege in life. Merit is the key determinant in a person's life, and even a child raised on the streets can one day become an important person in a company, or with the government. Technology is harder to come by in the Core Worlds. Most of the advanced technology that was brought along to this sector belonged to the Colony Corporation, whose descendants would later form the ruling body of the Solarian Corporated States.

Core Worlders tend to use older, more readily available tech, but often build their own to suit their needs. The military is in control of the most advanced ships that the nation possesses.

Core Worlds organizations
Core Worlds Navy
Colonial Intelligence Service
Orville Shipwrights
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Core Worlds

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