Take a look at the object to your right or left. Then consider most of the products you own. Now imagine that they were all made by the same company. Omni-Tech is that company. Omni-Tech appeals directly to the masses by providing services and products tailored specifically for the consumer… and the best part? All at a low, low price. Here’s the catch though: Omni-Tech has its fingers in everything, and even the Core Worlds aren’t safe from this corporation’s meddling. Think that’s bad? Try going to the store to pick up some dinner without buying anything from Omni-Tech, or one of its subsidiaries… chances are you won’t be able to.

Net Worth: 200,000,000,000cr
Employees: 500,000+
Produces: General goods, Consumer Products, Food, Entertainment
HQ Location: Tartarus, Kepler System


Endless Stars Svetters